Steering Committee for Proctor Creek

The date and location of the next Steering Committee for Proctor Creek meeting will be posted here once it has been determined

About the Steering Committee for Proctor Creek:

Since November 2014, representatives from community and nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, local and federal government, and other leaders have had several conversations focused on strengthening communication and coordination among Proctor Creek efforts. These conversations have evolved into a collaborative forum, being called The Steering Committee for Proctor Creek and described as:

“The Steering Committee for Proctor Creek is a collaboration of community, government, nonprofits, institutions, philanthropy, and the private sector.  We engage communities, partners, and stakeholders to improve and protect the environment and quality of life in the Proctor Creek Watershed and its communities.”

Meetings are open to any group or individual interested in connecting and collaborating with others engaged in activities in Proctor Creek.

Previous meetings and progression of the Steering Committee conversation:
November 6, 2014 – EPA facilitated a strategy workshop on communications in the Proctor Creek Watershed.  The meeting focused on identifying ways to strengthen communication and coordination of activities in the watershed among residents, non-profits, academic institutions, government representatives, and other leaders.  The meeting allowed an opportunity to share stories of positive experiences and dreams of future successes in the watershed, and to lay the groundwork for ongoing collaboration. The meeting also included proposals to (a) establish a steering committee or watershed partnership among organizations and institutions working to improve environmental quality and quality of life in the watershed; and (b) strengthen the capacity of the Proctor Creek Stewardship Council to be the platform for resident engagement in Proctor Creek.  Click here for the full workshop notes.

December 17, 2014 – The Proctor Creek Coordinator convened a meeting to continue the conversation begun on November 6.  The group undertook an initial exercise to explore language to define the “Steering Committee.” Task Teams were created to draft a definition statement and to brainstorm strategies for improving communication across organizations and institutions working in the watershed.  Click here for more meeting notes.

January 21, 2015 – Meeting attendees agreed on language defining the Steering Committee (see above) and decided to refer to these meeting as “Steering Committee for Proctor Creek” meetings. Attendees agreed to suggestions of compiling a directory of organizations and utilizing the Proctor Creek e-newsletter to share information.  The group also began to brainstorm potential projects to collaborate on in 2015.  Click here for more meeting notes.

March 19, 2015 – Attendees reviewed the project ideas brainstormed in January and identified six projects to collaborate on for the time being:

1. Creating a handout for the watershed that includes a map, points of interest, creek access points, greenspace locations, and basic watershed info. This will include ground-truthing location of above-ground streams and suggesting potential locations for watershed signage
2. Developing a collaborative watershed education strategy
3. Organizing a Proctor Creek festival, conference or other event incorporating information about public policy
4. Identifying public spaces that could use additional trash receptacles, working to have them instituted, and undertaking a “whole litter campaign”
5. Creating a list of proposed initiatives and capital projects in the watershed to share with potential funders and those interested in volunteering technical assistance
6. Identifying shared metrics to collectively measure and track the successes of watershed efforts

-April 16, 2015 – Attendees discussed the collaborative projects identified in March and broke into groups to work on the projects. Click here for more meeting notes.

-May 20, 2015 – Attendees shared updates on Lindsay Street Park, the Earth Day creek cleanup, and on a new park planned for a vacant site near the Bankhead MARTA station. Working groups involved with the six collaborative projects shared updates and asked for feedback. Click here for the full meeting notes.

-July 30, 2015  Attendees shared updates from activities in the watershed. City of Atlanta staff gave a presentation on the City’s Brownfield Assessment process as it relates to the Proctor Creek watershed. Working groups shared updates. The draft interactive watershed map was demonstrated, and a mapping activity allowed attendees to brainstorm points of interest and other features to highlight on a printed watershed map. Click here for the full meeting notes.

The date and location of the next Steering Committee for Proctor Creek meeting will be posted here once it has been determined

In the meantime, to become involved or for more information about this ongoing conversation, email

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